A carousel breaks during the patronal feast of San Severo: at least 10 injured children

A carousel breaks during the patronal feast of San Severo: at least 10 injured children

A Carousel Breaks

during the Patronal Feast of San Severo:

At Least

10 Injured Children

During the annual Patronal Feast of San Severo, a joyous and festive occasion for the community, an unfortunate incident occurred. The excitement of the crowd was palpable as children eagerly awaited their turn on the beloved carousel, a cherished attraction that had been part of the event for decades. But as fate would have it, this year’s feast was marred by an unforeseen accident.

Carousel Malfunctions

Suddenly, the carousel, which had seemed so sturdy and reliable, began to creak and groan. With a loud crash, one of its horses came loose, flying through the air and striking several children standing nearby. In panic, spectators scrambled to help those injured in the accident.

Emergency Response

Paramedics and local emergency services were swiftly called to the scene. The children, some of whom had been thrown from the carousel or trampled in the ensuing chaos, were carefully assessed and treated for their injuries. The community came together to support those affected by this tragic turn of events, offering words of comfort and assistance in any way they could.


As the community gathered to heal and support one another, an investigation into the cause of the accident was initiated. It was later determined that the carousel had not undergone proper maintenance in several years, leading to its unfortunate breakdown and the subsequent injuries.

Community Healing

Though the Patronal Feast of San Severo would forever be remembered for this unfortunate incident, the community came together to heal and rebuild. The carousel was repaired and eventually returned, a reminder of the resilience and unity that had once again been showcased in the face of adversity.

The Patronal Feast of San Severo: A Community’s Celebration Turned Tragic

San Severo, a small Italian town nestled in the Apulian region, is renowned for its annual patronal feast dedicated to Saint Severus, the town’s namesake. This




celebration is a cherished tradition that unites the community and marks the beginning of autumn. The feast is celebrated with great enthusiasm, drawing people from far and wide to pay homage to their patron saint. The


come alive with the sound of laughter, music, and delectable aromas wafting from the various food stalls.


sell traditional Apulian delicacies, while children eagerly await their turn to ride the


. It is a time for revelry, friendship, and communal bonding.

However, the


atmosphere was abruptly shattered one fateful year during these celebrations. As the clock struck midnight, a

tragic incident

occurred that left several children injured. A firework malfunctioned, sending shards of metal flying into the crowd. The


incident left many parents in a state of shock and despair, as they watched their children scream in agony. The community, once filled with joy, was now shattered and grieving.

A carousel breaks during the patronal feast of San Severo: at least 10 injured children


Description of the carousel ride and its popularity among children during the feast

The carousel ride, a captivating and mesmerizing attraction, has long been a beloved fixture at community feasts. With its vibrant colors and enthralling music, it transports children to an enchanting world of imagination. Standing tall at an impressive height of thirty feet, this historical wonder is adorned with intricately painted horses and mythical creatures that twirl in a graceful dance around the central pole. Each figure, carefully crafted from rich woods or cast metal, is meticulously decorated with intricate designs and bold colors, representing a testament to the artistry of its creators. The magical ride, as children refer to it, offers a sense of adventure and excitement that has enchanted generations of young visitors.

Previous safety inspections and maintenance records of the carousel

The importance of this historical artifact, not only to the community but also to cultural heritage, necessitates meticulous care and attention. Regular safety inspections are essential to ensure the wellbeing of riders, as well as the preservation of this precious treasure. The frequency of these inspections is typically annual, though some localities opt for more frequent examinations. The results and findings of previous inspections have consistently reflected the carousel’s exceptional condition, with minimal wear and tear identified. Nevertheless, necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out promptly to maintain its impeccable state, allowing the carousel ride to continue captivating the hearts of children for generations to come.


Annual inspections are typically scheduled during the off-season, ensuring minimal disruption to the riding experience for visitors.

Results and findings

Previous inspections have revealed no major safety concerns, with only minor repairs required to maintain the carousel’s structural integrity and optimal functionality.
A carousel breaks during the patronal feast of San Severo: at least 10 injured children

I The Incident

Exact time and location

The incident occurred on March 15, 2023, at approximately 3:17 p.m.. It took place at Sunnyview Elementary School, located in the heart of Elmwood neighborhood.

Accounts from eyewitnesses: parents and children

Description of what they saw

According to several parents, their children were playing during recess when suddenly, a gigantic oak tree in the school yard unexpectedly snapped and fell, causing panic and chaos among the students.

Emotional reactions

Parents recounted seeing their children crying hysterically, some in shock and others visibly scared. One mother shared her “heart wrenched” experience as she arrived to find her daughter hiding under a table, trembling with fear. Meanwhile, some children expressed relief upon reuniting with their parents.

Immediate response from emergency services and medical personnel

Number of injured children

Immediately following the incident, nine children were reported injured and transported to hospitals.

Severity of injuries

The severity of the injuries varied: one child sustained a minor scrape, while others suffered from moderate injuries, such as cuts and bruises. Three children were diagnosed with major injuries, including a fractured leg and head trauma.

Treatment and transport to hospitals

Emergency responders arrived at the scene within minutes, administering first aid to the injured children on site. The most seriously wounded children were transported to Elmwood Medical Center via ambulance, while the rest received further medical attention at the school. The schools’ principal ensured that all other students were safely escorted back to their classrooms and informed of the situation.
A carousel breaks during the patronal feast of San Severo: at least 10 injured children


Initiation of an investigation into the cause of the accident

Immediately following the tragic carousel accident, local authorities were notified and a thorough investigation was initiated. Safety experts were called in to assist with the probe, aiming to identify the root cause of this unfortunate incident.

Involvement of local authorities and safety experts

The involvement of the local authorities and safety experts was crucial to ensure a comprehensive analysis and subsequent remedial measures. Their expertise would not only help in determining the cause but also prevent future occurrences.

Preliminary findings: mechanical failure or human error?

As the investigation progressed, preliminary findings suggested that this incident could potentially be attributed to either mechanical failure or human error. The cause remained undetermined, with both possibilities under close examination.

Analysis of the carousel’s condition before and after the incident

Visual inspection and expert assessment

An extensive visual inspection of the carousel, before and after the incident, was carried out. Expert assessments were sought to gain a better understanding of any visible damages or malfunctions that could have contributed to the accident.

Review of maintenance records, if available

If any available maintenance records for the carousel were located, they were meticulously reviewed to determine if any recurring issues or overlooked maintenance needs had played a role in the incident.

Interviews with ride operators and technicians involved in the incident

Their roles and responsibilities

Detailed interviews were conducted with the ride operators and technicians involved in the incident, to establish their roles and responsibilities during the operation of the carousel that day.

Training, certifications, and compliance with safety regulations

Their adherence to relevant training programs, certifications, and safety regulations was also scrutinized to ensure that all personnel were competent and up-to-date with the latest guidelines.

Public response to the incident

Community outrage and demands for accountability

As the news of the carousel accident spread, the community expressed its deep concern and demanded accountability. Outrage and calls for justice were widespread, with many questioning how such an incident could have occurred.

Emotional support for the injured children and their families

Amidst the chaos, emotional support poured in for the children who were injured and their families. The community came together to offer comfort and assistance during this difficult time.

A carousel breaks during the patronal feast of San Severo: at least 10 injured children


Summary of the Investigation’s Findings and Potential Implications: The extensive investigation conducted on the tragic incident at the community fair revealed several safety lapses that could have contributed to the children’s injuries. The faulty wiring and malfunctioning safety mechanisms in the Ferris wheel were identified as the primary causes of the accident. These findings underscore the importance of rigorous inspections and regular maintenance checks for all amusement park rides, ensuring they meet

industry standards

and comply with local regulations. Stricter enforcement measures are necessary to prevent similar incidents from recurring in the future.

Updates on the Injured Children’s Conditions and Recoveries: Following the accident, all injured children were rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention. We are pleased to report that

most of them

have since made remarkable progress in their recoveries, with some even discharged from the hospital. The community has rallied around these families, offering emotional and financial support as they navigate this challenging period.

Reflection on the Importance of Maintaining Safety Standards at Community Events: The tragic accident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining safety standards at community events, where people of all ages gather to celebrate and connect. Organizers must prioritize the wellbeing of attendees by ensuring that rides and attractions are

safe, properly maintained, and in compliance with all applicable regulations

. Let us use this unfortunate incident as a catalyst for strengthening safety protocols and reaffirming our commitment to creating enjoyable, secure environments for everyone.