Duel Meloni-Schlein, L ’ AGCOM: “ it is legitimate only if accepted by the majority of parties ”

Duel Meloni-Schlein, L ’ AGCOM: “ it is legitimate only if accepted by the majority of parties ” - Media & Regime - News

The Television Debate Between Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein: A Legitimate Contest According to the Parishness

The highly anticipated face-to-face encounter between Italy’s premier designate, Giorgia Meloni , and the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein , scheduled for May 23 on Rai 1 in what is known as a “door to door” format, is considered legitimate based on the parishness. This format is acceptable only when it is agreed upon by a large majority of competing political lists and, in this particular case, by the majority of those with representation in Parliament.

Guarantor Authority Confirms Equality of Treatment

The Guarantor Authority in Communications (AGCOM), as confirmed by Senator Barbara Floridia of the 5-Star Movement, has responded to concerns regarding electoral treatment equality. In a letter sent earlier in the week, Floridia requested guarantees from the Authority to ensure that all political forces receive the same opportunities and avoid undue advantages for any particular party.

AGCOM’s Response: Fair Opportunities for All

The Council of AGCOM, led by President Giacomo Lasorella and five commissioners, responded the following day. According to their statement, the parishness can be guaranteed “to all political subjects” if they accept the opportunity for comparison. Compensatory spaces for those who decline the comparisons must also be organized in accordance with the principle of equal listening opportunities.

Criticism and Controversy Surrounding the Debate Format

The Meloni-Schlein debate has been met with criticism from various political leaders, including former prime minister and center-right politician Giuseppe Conte , who described it as a “deception” for voters. In his opinion, the debate does not accurately represent reality because the Italian election is proportional and each party runs independently.

The Need for a Multi-Party Debate

“It would be better to do the American way, with all leaders on stage. There are no Serie A and Serie B leaders here,” stated Antonio Tajani, vice premier and leader of Forza Italia, in response to the upcoming debate. He expressed his preference for a multi-party debate where all major political forces could participate.