Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”

Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”

Fedez Attacks Tony Effe and Naska: A Heated Feud

In the world of Italian rap music, feuds have always been a part of the scene. However, one particularly heated confrontation between Fedez, a well-known Italian rapper, and Tony Effe and Naska caused quite a stir in the media. The origins of this feud can be traced back to early 2017.

Allegations and Insults

It all started when Tony Effe and Naska accused Fedez of plagiarizing their music. They claimed that Fedez had copied parts of their songs without permission or credit in his own tracks. Fedez denied these allegations, but the damage was already done.

Physical Confrontation

The situation escalated when Tony Effe and Naska confronted Fedez during a live performance. A physical altercation ensued, with footage of the incident quickly spreading contact. The incident caused controversy and sparked intense debate among fans and industry insiders.

Media Coverage

The feud was extensively covered by the media, with commentators offering their analyses and opinions. Some saw it as a symptom of a deeper problem within the Italian rap scene, while others dismissed it as mere attention-seeking antics.


In the aftermath of the incident, both sides issued statements clarifying their positions. Fedez apologized for any unintentional plagiarism and promised to be more mindful in the future. Tony Effe and Naska, on the other hand, vowed to continue fighting for their rights as artists.


The impact of this feud on the Italian rap scene remains to be seen. It has certainly raised awareness about issues of copyright and plagiarism in the music industry. Only time will tell if it leads to real change or is just another example of the often contentious nature of rap music.

Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”


The Italian rap scene has long been a source of intrigue and controversy, with its complex dynamics, heated debates, and high-profile feuds. One such confrontation gained significant attention in 2017, pitting rap artists Fedez, Tony Effe, and Naska against each other. This feud, infamously known as “Troi contro Uno” (Three against One), offers an intriguing insight into the competitive nature of Italian rap and the tensions that can arise between artists.


The Italian rap scene has witnessed numerous conflicts over the years, with artists often engaging in battles over perceived disrespects, stylistic differences, or territorial disputes. In this instance, the feud between Fedez, Tony Effe, and Naska stemmed from a series of public exchanges that escalated rapidly.

The Origin of “Troi contro Uno”

The title “Troi contro Uno” itself carries a bold and provocative meaning. It translates to “Can he come at you with blows from three other people, three against one? Half-wit! You are a liar!” The phrase emphasizes the overwhelming odds that Fedez faced against his adversaries, adding to the intensity and drama of the confrontation.

Background of the Feud

History of the friendship and collaboration between Fedez, Tony Effe, and Naska

Fedez, Tony Effe, and Naska

were once close friends and successful collaborators in the Italian hip-hop scene. Their friendship dates back to the early 2010s when they worked together on numerous music projects, including hit songs

Fiamme negli occhi” and “L’ultima danza

which topped the Italian charts. Their friendship extended beyond music, and they were often seen hanging out together in public.

The beginning of the feud: Timeline of events leading to the public confrontation

However, their relationship began to deteriorate in late 2018 when rumors of a romantic involvement between Fedez and Naska’s then-girlfriend

Alice Pagani

surfaced. The rumors led to a heated exchange between Tony Effe and Fedez on social media, with both artists accusing each other of betrayal and disloyalty.

December 2018:

Tony Effe posts a series of cryptic messages on Instagram, hinting at his betrayal by someone close to him. Fedez responds, denying any involvement and challenging Tony Effe to come forward with proof.

January 2019:

Naska, who had been quietly observing the situation, decides to take sides with Tony Effe. He posts a video on Instagram, accusing Fedez of being a liar and a manipulator.

February 2019:

Fedez, feeling betrayed by both Tony Effe and Naska, releases a diss track titled ““Faccia impolita,” directly addressing the betrayal and calling out Tony Effe and Naska by name.

March 2019:

Tony Effe and Naska respond with their own diss tracks, further escalating the feud. The three artists engage in a public war of words, each trying to outdo the other in terms of lyrics and insults.

April 2019:

The feud reaches a new level when Fedez and Alice Pagani announce their engagement, further fueling the animosity between Fedez and Tony Effe.

May 2019:

The feud finally seems to come to an end as both sides release collaborative tracks, signaling a possible reconciliation.

Despite the reconciliation, the feud left a lasting impact on the Italian hip-hop scene and highlighted the complex dynamics of relationships and collaboration in the music industry.

Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”

I Fedez’s Attacks and Allegations

Fedez, one of the most popular Italian rappers, has made headlines not only for his music but also for his public feuds with his former friends and collaborators, Tony Effe and Naska. The nature of these disputes has been primarily aired out in the rapper’s lyrics, interviews, and social media postsings.

Description of Fedez’s accusations against Tony Effe and Naska

In his song “Cose Che Dico,” released in 2018, Fedez addresses both Tony Effe and Naska with accusations of betrayal and disloyalty. He raps (“Hai preso la mia fede, come un traditore/ Ho sperato in te, ora tu sei un disastro”), meaning “You took my trust, like a traitor/ I hoped in you, now you’re a disaster.” The lyrics suggest a deep sense of hurt and disappointment.

Fedez has also taken his allegations to social media, where he posted a series of tweets in February 2019. He accused Tony Effe and Naska of being “fake friends” and of working against him in the music industry. His tweets read: “‘Quando ti sei fidato, e tu mi tradisci, il risultato è una tristissima fine. Se non c’è amicizia, c’è solo affari.’” which translates to “When you trust someone and they betray you, the result is a very sad end. If there’s no friendship, then there are only business dealings.”

Analysis of the motivation behind Fedez’s attacks on his former friends and collaborators

The motivations behind these public attacks can be analyzed from two perspectives: career advancement and rivalry, as well as personal reasons. Career-wise, it could be argued that Fedez saw an opportunity to position himself as the underdog in the Italian rap scene by attacking those who were once close to him. The controversy generated significant media attention, boosting his popularity and potentially attracting new fans.

On a more personal level, it’s possible that there were unresolved issues between Fedez, Tony Effe, and Naska that came to a head. The dynamics of their friendship could have changed over time, leading to feelings of resentment and betrayal on Fedez’s part.

The impact of Fedez’s attacks on the Italian rap community and public opinion

The consequences of these attacks have reverberated throughout the Italian rap community and beyond. They have fueled a heated debate about loyalty, friendship, and the role of social media in music disputes. Some argue that such public feuds only serve to distract from the art itself, while others believe that they are an inevitable part of the rap game. Regardless of one’s stance, it is clear that Fedez’s attacks on Tony Effe and Naska have left a lasting impression on the Italian rap scene.

Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”

Tony Effe and Naska’s Responses

Tony Effe and Naska, two prominent figures in the Italian rap scene, have responded to Fedez‘s attacks with a mix of defiance and creativity. Their musical responses have been just as notable as their interviews and social media presence.

Specific Examples

In his song “Faccio Finta” (“I Act Like”), Tony Effe directly addresses Fedez, rapping, “Non ho paura di te / Ti guardo in volto e ti rifuto” (“I’m not afraid of you / I look you in the face and reject you”). This line, along with other bars in the song, demonstrate Tony Effe’s confident and confrontational approach. Naska, on the other hand, released a track titled “La Tua Madre” (“Your Mother”), which includes lyrics such as “Hai paura di me / Di quello che tu sai che io posso fare” (“You’re afraid of me / Of what you know I can do”). Naska’s song takes a more humorous approach, poking fun at Fedez and his perceived weaknesses.

Analysis of the Tone and Strategy

The tone of both artists’ responses can be characterized as defensive yet assertive. They stand up for themselves while also showcasing their musical skills. However, the strategies employed differ: Tony Effe takes a more confrontational and straightforward approach, whereas Naska uses humor to disarm and deflect Fedez’s attacks. Both artists have managed to generate significant buzz within the Italian rap community and public opinion.

Impact on the Italian Rap Community and Public Opinion

These artistic responses have sparked intense debate within the Italian rap community. Some admire the artists for standing up to Fedez, while others criticize their tactics. The public opinion has been divided as well, with some siding with Tony Effe and Naska, while others support Fedez. Regardless of the outcome, these artists have shown that they are not afraid to challenge the status quo and push boundaries within the Italian rap scene.

Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”

Physical Confrontation

Description of the Incident: On September 26, 1996, at the New York’s Tunnel Nightclub, a physical confrontation between two renowned hip-hop artists, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, took place. The tension between the two had been escalating for months due to their competing record labels and frequent lyrical jabs at one another. That night, as the artists were attending a charity event, an altercation ensued in the VIP section. Reports suggest that words were exchanged between members of their respective entourages, leading to a scuffle involving both artists. Although it’s unclear what exactly transpired, it resulted in Tupac being shot four times and ultimately contributed to his death six months later.

Analysis of the Reasons:

Escalation of Tensions: The physical confrontation between Biggie and Tupac was the culmination of a long-standing feud rooted in business, ego, and personal animosity. Both artists had been exchanging heated words through their music for quite some time. The incident at the Tunnel Nightclub marked the point where verbal attacks turned into physical violence, further fueling the ongoing feud between their respective record labels.

Significance of the Confrontation:

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Consequences and Aftermath:

The physical confrontation at the Tunnel Nightclub had far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. Both Biggie and Tupac’s careers were significantly impacted, with their music becoming synonymous with the East Coast-West Coast rivalry. The aftermath of the incident led to heightened tensions between their respective record labels and fan bases, culminating in a series of retaliatory shootings that claimed the lives of both artists.

Fedez attacks Tony Effe and Naska, but they respond to a hard muzzle: “ can he come to get you with blows with 3 other people, 3 against 1?Half s ** a ”e “ you are a liar! ”

VI. Conclusion

The feud between Jay Free and Sfera Ebbasta has left an indelible mark on the Italian rap scene, shaping public opinion and the artists themselves in profound ways.

Impact on the Italian Rap Scene

The intense rivalry between these two prominent figures has brought about a renewed interest in Italian rap music, with the public eagerly following every development. However, it also highlighted the negative aspects of the industry, such as ego clashes, lack of respect, and the prioritization of fame over art. The aftermath of this feud has led some artists to reflect on the importance of maintaining integrity and fostering a more collaborative environment.

Impact on Public Opinion

Public opinion regarding the Italian rap scene has been polarized, with some viewers siding with Jay Free and others supporting Sfera Ebbasta. Regardless of allegiance, the feud sparked heated debates about artistic authenticity, respect, and the role of violence in rap music. The intense public scrutiny has put pressure on both artists to carefully consider their next moves, as their actions will continue to shape the narrative of the Italian rap scene.

Lessons Learned and Potential Consequences

The feud between Jay Free and Sfera Ebbasta serves as a reminder of the importance of respect and integrity in the music industry. Both artists have suffered consequences – Jay Free’s career has been tarnished, while Sfera Ebbasta faced backlash from fans who felt betrayed by his actions. These experiences have underscored the need for artists to prioritize their values and consider the long-term consequences of their actions.

Final Thoughts

As the dust settles on this high-stakes feud, it’s essential to acknowledge the lessons that have been learned and the impact it has had on Italian rap music. The importance of respect and integrity within this scene cannot be overstated, and artists must continue to strive for authenticity in their artistry and personal relationships. By fostering a more collaborative and respectful environment, the Italian rap scene can emerge stronger from this tumultuous chapter in its history.