Ranieri leaves Cagliari after salvation: “ it’s the right time ”.He will no longer train a club, but will evaluate the proposal of a national team

Ranieri leaves Cagliari after salvation: “ it's the right time ”.He will no longer train a club, but will evaluate the proposal of a national team

Ranieri Leaves Cagliari after Salvation: “

“It’s the Right Time” Claudio Ranieri announced on Thursday, making it official that he would no longer be the coach of Italian Serie A club Cagliari. Ranieri, who had been in charge since December 2020, led the team to a miraculous escape from relegation with just one game left in the season. The


Italian coach, who has managed some of Europe’s top clubs like Chelsea, Juventus, and Leicester City, stated that he felt it was time for a new challenge.

“I came to Cagliari to save the team from relegation,”

Ranieri said in his press conference.

“We’ve done that together, and I couldn’t be prouder of the players and the fans for their unwavering support throughout this season,”

he added.

Ranieri’s departure leaves Cagliari in search of a new coach just weeks before the start of the next season. The team is reportedly eyeing several candidates, including Walter Mazzarri,

Massimo Oddo

, and

Stefano Pioli

. Meanwhile, Ranieri’s future plans include evaluating an offer from a

national team

, although he declined to mention which one specifically.

“I’ve had a long and rewarding career as a coach, but I believe it’s time for me to give back in a different way,”

Ranieri shared.

“I’ll take some time to think about the next step, but I’m excited about the opportunity to work at a higher level and help develop young talent,”

he concluded.

Ranieri leaves Cagliari after salvation: “ it

Claudio Ranieri: From Champions to Salvation

Claudio Ranieri, a name synonymous with football success and resilience, has had an illustrious coaching career spanning over three decades. His tenure at various clubs includes, but is not limited to, Chelsea, Leicester City, Inter Milan, Juventus, Roma, Parma, and Valencia. Among his notable achievements, leading Leicester City to the

Premier League title

in 2016, a feat that stunned the football world.

Currently, Ranieri has taken on the challenge of coaching Cagliari. The Sardinian side, battling against relegation, faced a season filled with difficulties and uncertainty. In the

early stages

of the campaign, Cagliari found themselves languishing near the bottom of the table. Their inconsistent performances led to a string of disappointing results and mounting pressure on Ranieri.

Despite the struggles, Ranieri remained undeterred and focused on revitalizing the team. He adopted a

new tactical approach

, instilling a sense of discipline and determination in the squad. This, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm and motivational skills, began to bear fruit as Cagliari started to record positive results.

The turnaround was swift and impressive, with the team climbing up the table. Their newfound form saw them secure crucial victories against their relegation rivals. The

final stretch

of the season brought about a surge of optimism and hope, as Cagliari narrowly avoided relegation.

Ranieri’s impact on Cagliari is a testament to his ability to inspire and lead teams through adversity. Despite the challenges, he has once again demonstrated his knack for turning things around and restoring faith in his players. As Cagliari look forward to the upcoming season, they can do so with renewed confidence, thanks to the steadfast guidance of their experienced coach.

Ranieri leaves Cagliari after salvation: “ it

Reasons for Ranieri’s Departure from Cagliari

Personal reasons:

One of the potential reasons for Claudio Ranieri‘s decision to leave Cagliari could be linked to his personal life. In an exclusive interview, Ranieri expressed his desire to focus more on his family and other interests outside of football. He emphasized the importance of balancing professional and personal responsibilities, stating:

“I have always loved my job, but I believe that it’s essential to dedicate time and energy to the things that truly matter in life. My family has always been my top priority, and I want to be more present for them,”
– Claudio Ranieri

Professional reasons:

Another possible explanation for Ranieri’s departure could stem from professional reasons, such as the desire for a new challenge or even retirement. In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, Ranieri spoke about feeling that it was the right time to move on:

“I have had a great experience here at Cagliari, but I feel that it’s time for me to explore new opportunities. Football is an ever-changing world, and I want to continue growing both personally and professionally,”
– Claudio Ranieri

Financial considerations:

Lastly, financial factors could play a role in Ranieri’s departure from Cagliari. Rumors have surfaced about lucrative job offers and potential buyout clauses in Ranieri’s contract, adding another dimension to the speculation surrounding his departure. The possibility of a significant financial gain could have influenced Ranieri’s decision, but it remains unconfirmed at this time.

Ranieri leaves Cagliari after salvation: “ it

I The National Team Prospect:

Background on Ranieri’s International Coaching Experience (if any):

Claudio Ranieri, the Italian tactician who has left an indelible mark on English football with Leicester City’s historic Premier League title win in 2016, boasts a rich history of coaching at the international level. He began his managerial career in Italy with his home-town club, Cagliari, before moving to Valencia in Spain and then onto Chelsea in England. His international coaching tenure started in 2000 when he managed the Greece national team. During his three-year stint, Ranieri led the Hellenic side to an impressive third place finish in the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament. His success in Greece caught the attention of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), who appointed him as the head coach of the Italy national team later that year.

Current National Team Vacancies and Ranieri’s Potential Fit:


Currently, there is a vacancy in the Italy national team coaching position following Roberto Mancini’s departure after leading the squad to the Euro 2020 title. Ranieri, having managed the Italians previously, could be a strong contender for this position given his experience and familiarity with the Italian football culture. His success in guiding Greece to notable achievements suggests that he can replicate similar results with a different team.


Another potential option for Ranieri could be returning to Greece, where he has a proven track record of success. The Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) is in the market for a new coach following the resignation of former manager John van ‘t Schip. Ranieri’s experience and connection with Greek football could make him an attractive candidate for this position.

Advantages of Working for a National Team Compared to Club Coaching:

Long-term commitment and stability, less pressure to perform immediately:

National team coaching offers a stable and long-term commitment that allows coaches to build a legacy over an extended period. Unlike club coaching, where the pressure to perform and deliver results is immediate, national team coaching offers more time to develop a strategy and implement change.

Challenges and Risks of National Team Coaching:

Intense media scrutiny and fan expectations, political interference, language barriers:

However, national team coaching is not without its challenges. Coaches face intense media scrutiny and fan expectations that can be overwhelming. Political interference from federations and external influences can also hinder the coaching process. Additionally, language barriers can pose a significant challenge when working with international players and staff.

Difficulty maintaining a winning record and dealing with underperforming players:

Another significant challenge is the pressure to maintain a consistent winning record, as fan expectations for success can be high. Dealing with underperforming players can also be problematic, especially when international competitions are at stake. Despite these challenges, the rewards of leading a national team to success and representing one’s country on the global stage can be incredibly fulfilling.

Ranieri leaves Cagliari after salvation: “ it


Summary of Ranieri’s Coaching Career and His Decision to Leave Cagliari

Claudio Ranieri, the charismatic Italian coach, has had an illustrious career spanning over four decades. He started as a player for Cagliari in the 1970s before transitioning into coaching. Ranieri’s managerial journey began in the late 80s, and he quickly made a name for himself with his tactical acumen and ability to motivate teams. After stints at various Italian clubs, Ranieri gained international recognition when he managed Juventus from 1995 to 2000. He led the team to back-to-back Serie A titles and a UEFA Champions League final in 1997. Following his tenure at Juventus, Ranieri coached several other European clubs and even managed the Greece national team from 2010 to 201In 2015, he shocked everyone by taking over at underdog Leicester City in the English Premier League. Against all odds, Ranieri masterminded Leicester’s historic championship win, securing them their first top-flight title in over a century. However, after an unremarkable season with Fulham in 2018-2019, Ranieri announced his departure from Cagliari on December 20, 2019.

Possible Outcomes for His Future, Including National Team Offers or Retirement

With his rich coaching experience and unparalleled success stories, Claudio Ranieri’s future in football remains uncertain but promising. Some pundits speculate that the Italian national team might be a potential suitors for his services, given his impressive track record in managing teams from underdog positions to title contenders. Others suggest that Ranieri could retire and focus on television punditry or other business ventures. Regardless of his next move, there is no denying that Ranieri will continue to be a significant figure in football, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

Analysis of the Impact Ranieri Had on Cagliari and His Legacy in Italian Football

Claudio Ranieri’s impact on Cagliari cannot be overstated. As a player, he was part of the club’s golden era in the 70s. As a coach, Ranieri led Cagliari to their best-ever finish in the Serie A table during his first stint in 1995. He instilled a sense of unity and determination within the squad, which helped them compete against larger clubs with more significant resources. Ranieri’s influence extended beyond Cagliari; his innovative tactics and inspiring leadership inspired many Italian coaches, earning him the nickname “The Tinkerer.” Ranieri’s unique approach to management paved the way for a new generation of Italian coaches, embracing adaptability and versatility in their strategies.

Quotes from Ranieri, Team Officials, or Experts Discussing His Decision and Future Plans

“I have always been grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my career, but it is time for me to move on. I will always cherish my memories of Cagliari and the supporters,” shared Ranieri in a press conference upon his departure from the club. Team President Tommaso Giulini expressed his appreciation for Ranieri’s efforts, stating, “Claudio Ranieri is a legend in Cagliari’s history. His passion and dedication to the team will remain unforgettable.” As for his future, Ranieri has kept a low profile but is reportedly open to offers from national teams or clubs.