Sandokan’s return, the famous screenwn will have a new version with Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi

Sandokan's return, the famous screenwn will have a new version with Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi

Sandokan’s Return:

Sandokan’s Return, a new

adventure series

based on the timeless tale of the Malay pirate, has recently made headlines with its stellar cast: Turkish heartthrob

Can Yaman

and Italian actor

Alessandro Preziosi

. This fresh interpretation promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing narrative, breathtaking visuals, and the undeniable chemistry between the two leading men.

Set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean

, this new version follows Sandokan, a brave and cunning pirate king, as he navigates a complex web of alliances, betrayals, and love. With his loyal companions Tremal-Nasik and Yanez, Sandokan embarks on a dangerous journey to protect his people and reclaim his rightful throne.

Can Yaman

, known for his charismatic performances in hit Turkish dramas, takes on the iconic role of Sandokan. His intense gaze and strong presence are sure to leave audiences entranced as he portrays the fierce pirate king.

Alessandro Preziosi

, an accomplished actor with a diverse range of roles, joins the cast as his adversary. With his captivating charm and acting prowess, Preziosi brings depth and complexity to the character of his rival, promising a thrilling confrontation between these two formidable opponents.

Together, Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi deliver a riveting performance that is not to be missed.

In this new adaptation of Sandokan’s Return, the audience can expect a thrilling and emotionally engaging story that celebrates friendship, loyalty, and love. So mark your calendars for this unforgettable adventure!


I. Introduction

The enchanting world of adventure and romance, where the jungle comes alive with thrilling tales of courage and heroism, introduces us to the legendary figure of Sandokan. Hailing from the depths of Emilio Salgari’s captivating 1883 novel, “The Tigers of Mompracem“, this charismatic character has captured the hearts and minds of readers across generations.

Brief history of the Sandokan character

Born in a hidden jungle village called Mompracem, Sandokan, also known as the “Tiger of Mompracem,” is a native prince, raised among tigers and imbued with an innate connection to nature. His upbringing in the wild has honed his skills as a fearless warrior, making him a formidable opponent for all who dare challenge his kingdom. The novel follows Sandokan’s journey as he seeks revenge against the British Admiral, Cornwallis, who had previously betrayed and humiliated him.

Origin from Emilio Salgari’s novel “The Tigers of Mompracem” (1883)

Emilio Salgari, an Italian author, created this larger-than-life character in his adventure novel, which has since become a classic of the genre. The novel’s vivid descriptions and intricate plot have captivated readers for over a century, making “The Tigers of Mompracem” an enduring piece of literature.

Announcement of the new Turkish-Italian production

Fast forward to the present day, and the intriguing story of Sandokan is set to be brought back to life in a new Turkish-Italian production. This long-awaited adaptation has fans eagerly anticipating the chance to witness their beloved character’s adventures once again, this time on the silver screen. The collaboration between Turkish and Italian film industries promises an enthralling combination of cultures and talents, ensuring a visually stunning and captivating portrayal of the jungle king.


The New Cast:
Can Yaman:

Background in Turkey:

Can Yaman was born on August 8, 1993, in Ankara, Turkey. He grew up in Istanbul and studied business administration at Boğaziçi University. However, his passion for acting led him to drop out of university before graduating.

Acting Career and Previous Roles:

Can Yaman began his acting career with minor roles in Turkish television series and commercials. His first notable role was in the 2016 series “Erkenci Kus,” which gained him widespread recognition. Since then, he has appeared in several successful Turkish dramas, including “The Gift of Love” and “Love is in the Air.”

Popularity and Fanbase:

Can Yaman’s good looks, charm, and acting skills have made him a heartthrob in Turkey and beyond. He has amassed a large fanbase both domestically and internationally, particularly in the Middle East and Central Asia. His popularity has also led to endorsement deals with various brands.

Alessandro Preziosi:

Background in Italy:

Alessandro Preziosi was born on September 26, 1986, in Rome, Italy. He studied acting at the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. Preziosi started his career in Italian television and theater, appearing in various productions before gaining wider recognition.

Acting Career and Previous Roles:

Preziosi’s first major role was in the 2011 Italian film “The Solitary Sunbeam.” He has since appeared in several critically acclaimed productions, including the television series “Boris” and the film “The Son’s Roar.”

Experience in International Productions:

Alessandro Preziosi has made a name for himself in the international scene, having worked on projects outside of Italy. He starred in the German-Turkish series “The Protector” alongside Can Yaman, which aired in over 50 countries. Preziosi also appeared in the French-German film “The Dinner” and the American series “The Young Pope.”


I Production Details

I. The production of this upcoming film is a result of a unique collaboration between Turkish and Italian production companies. The partnership brings together the rich cultural backgrounds of both nations, promising an intriguing amalgamation of storytelling and artistic vision.

Collaboration between Turkish and Italian production companies

The synergy of these two production companies is expected to yield a visually stunning and captivating narrative. With the Turkish team’s expertise in filming large-scale productions and the Italians’ reputation for delivering cinematic masterpieces, the resulting collaboration is set to leave audiences spellbound.

Filming locations in Turkey, Italy, and other countries

The filming process involves some of the most breathtaking landscapes from Turkey and Italy. Key scenes are being shot in Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural hub, showcasing its historic sites and vibrant streets. Italy, on the other hand, offers picturesque seaside towns and rolling hills as backdrops for the film’s pivotal moments. Moreover, additional filming is taking place in


, further enriching the film’s diverse international appeal.

Budget and expected release date

With an impressive budget of €35 million, the production team is leaving no stone unturned in delivering a high-quality film. The meticulous planning and attention to detail have resulted in a tentative release date set for the

Summer of 2024

. This highly anticipated cinematic endeavor is poised to captivate audiences worldwide, setting new standards in international filmmaking collaboration.


Anticipation and Fan Reactions

The highly-anticipated adaptation of Le Tigre di Melfi, or Sandokan, into a new television series has sparked a frenzy of excitement and debate among fans both in Italy and Turkey, as well as from the international media. With Can Yaman cast as the titular character Sandokan, the Maltese pirate prince, and Alessandro Preziosi in the role of Yanez de Gomera, fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming production.

Excitement from Fans of Sandokan and Can Yaman

Sandokan‘s fan base, which has spanned generations, is eager to see their beloved pirate prince come to life on the small screen once again. Turkish audiences have been particularly vocal in their anticipation, as Can Yaman has gained a massive following in Turkey since his appearance in the popular series Erkence Vadisı. Fans of both Can Yaman and Sandokan have shared their excitement on social media platforms, expressing their faith in the actor’s ability to portray the complex and charismatic character.

Criticisms and Concerns from Fans and Media

Despite the enthusiasm, there have also been criticisms and concerns expressed by fans and media regarding certain aspects of the production. One major topic of debate is the differences between the original character and Can Yaman’s portrayal. Some fans argue that Can Yaman’s more modern interpretation of Sandokan may not fully capture the spirit of the original pirate prince.

Differences between the Original Character and Can Yaman’s Portrayal

Moreover, there are concerns about the casting of Alessandro Preziosi as Yanez de Gomera. Some fans feel that he does not fit the description given in the novel and believe that his portrayal may detract from the overall production. Others argue that these concerns are overblown, as adaptations often take creative liberties and should not be held strictly to the source material.

Potential Impact on International Audiences and Turkish-Italian Relations

Anticipation for this production extends beyond the fan base, with many believing that it could have a significant impact on international audiences and Turkish-Italian relations. As a co-production between Italy and Turkey, the series has the potential to bring together two distinct fan bases and promote cultural exchange. Some experts have even suggested that it could help pave the way for further collaboration between Italian and Turkish film and television industries.



Reflection on the Significance of Sandokan in Popular Culture

Sandokan, the legendary Malayan pirate prince, has left an indelible mark on popular culture. His story, first introduced in Emilio Salgari’s novel “The Tigers of Mompracem” published in 1883, has since been adapted into various forms of media including literature, film, and television. The tales of Sandokan’s adventures have captivated audiences for over a century due to his charm, courage, and complex character.

Influence on Literature, Film, and Television

In literature, Sandokan’s stories have been translated into numerous languages, leading to a global following. The pirate prince has also inspired many other works in different genres and formats. In film, Sandokan’s story has been adapted into several productions, most notably the Italian series “Sandokan, The Great” in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In television, Sandokan has been portrayed by various actors, including Kabir Bedi in the 1993 Indian series and Edgar Ramirez in the 2010 Colombian mini-series.

Adaptability to New Generations and Audiences

Despite the passage of time, Sandokan’s story continues to resonate with new generations and audiences due to its timeless themes of adventure, romance, and loyalty. The character’s adaptability has allowed him to endure as a cultural icon, transcending the boundaries of language, geography, and time.

Expectations for the New Production with Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi

Potential for Success in Turkey, Italy, and Internationally

The announcement of a new Sandokan production featuring Turkish actor Can Yaman and Italian actor Alessandro Preziosi has generated significant excitement. The series, which is being filmed in both Turkey and Italy, is expected to appeal to audiences in both countries as well as internationally due to the global popularity of Sandokan’s story.

Impact on the Careers of Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi

For Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi, this new production represents a unique opportunity to showcase their talents on an international stage. With their strong following in Turkey and Italy respectively, the series has the potential to significantly boost their careers both domestically and internationally.