The artificial intelligence and students, for a survey “ uses it the 8217; 80%”.The expert: “ ia 8217; ia must not be demonized ”

The artificial intelligence and students, for a survey “ uses it the 8217; 80%”.The expert: “ ia 8217; ia must not be demonized ” - School - News

Revolutionizing Education: The Prevalence of artificial intelligence Among Teenagers

According to recent findings from “,” an international anti-plagiarism and verification platform, approximately <80% of boys between the ages of sixteen and eighteen engage regularly with artificial intelligence (ai) tools such as ChatGPT to execute tasks, answer test questions, and compose essays. This statistic, while staggering for some, does not come as a complete surprise to Paolo Ferri, Full Professor of Training Technologies at Milan-Bicocca University.

Surprising Figures, Skeptical Scholar

Although Ferri finds the percentage somewhat excessive, he acknowledges that a significant number of teenagers and young people utilize such tools to complete their academic assignments. Milan-Bicocca University itself is currently in the process of developing guidelines on this very issue.

Insights from a Comprehensive Study

The research, based on interviews with a sample size of <1,007 students>, revealed that approximately <60% utilized ai for their homework; 18% employed it to answer test questions, and 13% used it to compose themes and essays. An astounding 68% stated their intention to continue using these tools, with 8% employing them daily and an additional 65% utilizing them several times monthly or weekly.

Connectivity and ai: A Modern Reality

<95% of boys within this age range, as Ferri explains in an interview with “,” are connected to the internet. It is now common knowledge that many of these young individuals make use of ai to facilitate their educational pursuits.

Demystifying the Role of ai in Education

“We cannot demonize ai,”

Ferri urges,

“but rather present it as a valuable resource from primary school onwards. By equipping children with the necessary tools to work alongside ai instead of being dominated by it, we prepare them for the professional world where ai integration will be a fundamental aspect of their future careers.”

Investing in Teacher Training: The Key to Embracing Technology

“We cannot turn our backs on this technology that simplifies homework assignments and becomes a crucial component of future professionalism for our students,”

Ferri concludes, “but rather invest in the training of our teachers to ensure they can effectively implement ai into their classrooms.”

Embracing Change: Preparing Teachers for an ai-Integrated Classroom