The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings “Amami” for them

The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings "Amami" for them

The Dream Wedding of VIP Manager Pietro Gaudioso and Model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis Witnesses, Emma Marrone Sings “Amami” for Them

On a sunny day in the heart of Tuscany, Pietro Gaudioso, a renowned VIP manager, and Niki Wu Jie, a stunning model, exchanged their heartfelt vows in an intimate and elegant wedding ceremony. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of rolling hills, vineyards, and sunflowers, the couple’s dream day was a celebration of love, joy, and unity.

The wedding venue, adorned with fresh flowers and candlelit tables, was an enchanting backdrop for the special day. The bride, in a stunning white gown and veil, looked radiant as she walked down the aisle towards her beloved groom. Pietro, with a proud smile on his face, waited for his beautiful bride. Their eyes locked as they exchanged their “I do’s,” sealing their commitment to each other forever.

The ceremony was witnessed by some of the couple’s closest friends and family, including actress Elisabetta Canalis, who looked chic in a stylish cocktail dress. The bride and groom’s heartfelt vows brought tears to everyone’s eyes as they shared their promises of love, respect, and companionship.

Emma Marrone Performs “Amami”

As the newlyweds sealed their union with a kiss, Italian singer Emma Marrone began to perform her hit song “Amami.” The beautiful melody filled the air as friends and family joined in, singing along and dancing to the catchy tune. Pietro and Niki swayed to the music, lost in each other’s eyes and the magic of their wedding day.

A Beautiful Beginning

The dream wedding of Pietro Gaudioso and Niki Wu Jie was a memorable occasion filled with love, laughter, and happiness. The couple’s commitment to each other shone brightly as they started their new life together surrounded by their closest friends and family.

A Day to Remember

From the stunning ceremony to the romantic dance with Emma Marrone’s soulful serenade, every moment of their special day was a cherished memory for Pietro and Niki. Their love story continues to inspire those around them as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

An Elegant Send-Off

As the sun began to set, Pietro and Niki were sent off with a beautiful send-off of sparklers and well wishes from their friends and family. With hearts full of love, the newlyweds began their journey as a married couple, ready to face whatever challenges may come their way.

Celebrating Love

The wedding of Pietro Gaudioso and Niki Wu Jie was a testament to the power of love and the beauty of commitment. Surrounded by their closest friends, family, and the stunning Italian countryside, they began this new chapter in their lives together, promising to cherish each other forever.
The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings "Amami" for them

The New Power Couple: Pietro Gaudioso and Niki Wu Jie

In the vibrant world of Italian entertainment, two names have recently emerged as a formidable duo: Pietro Gaudioso and Niki Wu Jie. This power couple, hailing from diverse backgrounds, has captivated audiences with their respective achievements in the music and film industries.

Pietro Gaudioso:

Born and raised in Rome, Pietro Gaudioso is an accomplished musician and producer. With a passion for music that began at a young age, he studied composition and orchestration at the famed Santa Cecilia Conservatory. Over the years, Gaudioso has collaborated with some of Italy’s most renowned artists and composers, earning a reputation for his innovative approach to music production. His unique talent has earned him numerous awards and accolades, cementing his position as a leading figure in the Italian music scene.

Niki Wu Jie:

A native of Milan, Niki Wu Jie is an accomplished actress and film producer. She began her acting career in the theatre, where she honed her craft under the tutelage of some of Italy’s most celebrated drama coaches. Her dedication and talent soon caught the attention of film producers, leading to a successful career in cinema. Wu Jie has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films, receiving awards for her acting prowess and captivating performances. In addition to her work in front of the camera, she has also produced several successful films, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to the arts.

The Engagement Announcement

Pietro, the dashing Italian entrepreneur, took Niki, his beloved girlfriend, by surprise with an unforgettable proposal during a romantic getaway in Positano, Italy. Amidst the picturesque” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>beauty

of the Amalfi Coast, overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters, Pietro took Niki’s hand and asked her the question that would change their lives forever: “Will you marry me?” With tears of joy streaming down her face, Niki enthusiastically said “Yes!” Their inner circles were quickly filled with the news of their engagement.

Description of how and when Pietro proposed to Niki

The proposal took place on a sunlit terrace overlooking the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea. Pietro had arranged for a private dinner under the stars, complete with a violinist playing their song in the background. As they enjoyed a glass of Prosecco while watching the sunset, Pietro got down on one knee and presented Niki with a stunning diamond ring. The moment was captured perfectly by a hidden photographer, leaving them with a beautiful memento of their engagement.

Reaction from their inner circles

The news of Pietro and Niki’s engagement sparked a flurry of excitement amongst their friends and family. One person who was particularly affected by the announcement was Elisabetta Canalis, Pietro’s previous high-profile girlfriend.

Her role in the wedding planning and attendance

Despite their past romantic involvement, Elisabetta showed nothing but love and support for Pietro’s new engagement. She graciously offered to help in the planning of their wedding, ensuring that every detail was perfect. Elisabetta was also a present guest at the engagement party, where she shared heartfelt moments with Niki and Pietro.

Quotes from her about the engagement, her feelings, and her relationship with Pietro

When asked about her feelings regarding Pietro’s engagement to Niki, Elisabetta shared, “I am truly happy for them. They make each other so incredibly happy and that’s all that matters.” She continued by stating, “Pietro and I had our time together and we both grew from it. Now it’s time for him to move forward with Niki.” With a warm smile, Elisabetta concluded, “I will always be there for both of them as a friend and supporter.”

The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings "Amami" for them

I The Wedding Preparations

As the big day approached, Pietro and Niki found themselves immersed in the exciting and often chaotic world of wedding planning. Themes, locations, and vendors were at the forefront of their minds as they envisioned their perfect day. For their theme, they chose a classic, elegant style with a modern twist to reflect their personalities.

Description of the wedding planning process

Their search for a location led them to a beautiful, historic estate nestled in the countryside. With its stunning gardens and picturesque lake, it provided the perfect backdrop for their nuptials. Once the location was secured, they began to select vendors that would help bring their vision to life. From a renowned caterer to an expert florist, each vendor added a unique touch to the wedding planning process.

Details on the wedding attire for Pietro and Niki

Pietro‘s suit was a classic, tailored number in a rich, navy blue fabric. The clean lines and subtle texture were the perfect complement to Niki’s wedding gown. His attire was complete with a crisp, white dress shirt, a stylish bow tie, and polished black shoes.

Pietro’s suit

His groom’s cake, a playful contrast to the wedding cake, was designed to resemble his suit and accessories.

Niki‘s wedding gown was a stunning, floor-length creation in ivory silk. Adorned with delicate lace accents and intricate beading, it was the epitome of elegance. To complement her gown, she chose a veil made from the same delicate lace material and adorned with crystals that sparkled in the sunlight.

Niki’s wedding gown and accessories

For her bridal shoes, she selected a pair of elegant, strappy sandals in ivory satin.

Description of the rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner was held at a cozy, intimate venue near the wedding location. Guests included close family and friends who had traveled from far and wide to celebrate with the couple. The menu featured a delicious array of dishes, including locally-sourced meats, fresh seafood, and seasonal produce.


The warm, inviting atmosphere of the venue provided the perfect setting for friends and family to mingle and reconnect.

The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings "Amami" for them

The Wedding Ceremony

Description of the wedding location

The wedding ceremony took place in the quaint and picturesque town of Siena, Italy. Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is renowned for its medieval architecture, rich history, and breathtaking beauty. For Pietro and Niki, this idyllic town held a special significance as it was where they first met during their college study abroad program. The cobblestone streets, vibrant marketplaces, and the magnificent Piazza del Campo served as a constant reminder of their shared past and the beginning of their love story.

Account of the ceremony itself

Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Pietro and Niki exchanged heartfelt vows beneath the shade of a magnificent ancient olive tree. The air was filled with the sweet aroma of jasmine and roses, as well as the soft strums of a live string quartet. During the ceremony, they exchanged intricately designed gold bands, symbols of their unending commitment to one another.

Exchange of vows and rings

With the sun casting a warm glow over the ancient town, Pietro and Niki pledged their eternal love to each other. Their vows were spoken in both English and Italian, reflecting their diverse heritage and the blending of their two families.

Any symbolic gestures or rituals

As part of the ceremony, a traditional Italian olive branch was presented to each of them as a symbol of peace, love, and prosperity. They also shared a glass of sweet Moscato wine, a gesture signifying the joining of their two families and the creation of a new one.

Description of the officiant

The wedding ceremony was presided over by Donna Maria, a revered local figure and an esteemed member of the Siena community. As a respected priestess in the Roman Catholic Church, she played a crucial role in Italian culture and marriage traditions. Her presence added a sense of history, spirituality, and authenticity to the already magical wedding day.

The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings "Amami" for them

The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception took place in the grandly renovated Belmond Villa San Michele, nestled on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Florentine landscape. The reception venue was adorned with an enchanting blend of Italian elegance and modern sophistication.


Delicate white flowers, including roses, lilies, and gardenias, embellished the tables and terraces. The crystal chandeliers were bedecked with twinkling fairy lights that cast a magical glow over the entire space. The ambiance was serene yet celebratory, creating an atmosphere of joy and romance.

Menu, Music, and Entertainment

A sumptuous five-course meal was prepared by the renowned Belmond culinary team. The menu featured an assortment of delectable dishes, including antipasto, primi piatti, secondi piatti, contorno, and dolce. The wine pairings were expertly selected to complement each course. The wedding cake was an impressive three-tiered creation, decorated with intricate floral designs and drizzled with a luxurious chocolate sauce.

The music for the reception was provided by an accomplished live band, which played a mix of classic Italian tunes and contemporary hits. Pietro and Niki’s first dance as a married couple was accompanied by the soulful voice of Emma Marrone, who beautifully performed “Amami” – a timeless Italian love song.

Speeches by Pietro, Niki, and Notable Guests

The speeches given during the reception were filled with heartfelt memories, humorous anecdotes, and touching tributes. Pietro, looking at his beautiful bride with teary eyes, expressed his love and gratitude for Niki’s unwavering support and companionship. He thanked her family for welcoming him into theirs and shared his excitement about their future together.

Niki’s speech was equally emotional, as she described the moment she first met Pietro and how he had captured her heart. She thanked him for making every day a blessing and expressed her excitement about starting their journey as a married couple.

Notable guests, including friends, family, and colleagues, also shared their warmest wishes for the newlyweds. Their heartfelt words served as a reminder of the love, friendship, and support that surrounded Pietro and Niki on their wedding day.

The dream wedding of VIP manager Pietro Gaudioso with model Niki Wu Jie: Elisabetta Canalis witness, Emma sings "Amami" for them

VI. Conclusion

As the sun set on Pietro and Niki’s unforgettable wedding day, the air was filled with a palpable sense of joy, love, and excitement. The lavish Italian villa, adorned with exquisite floral arrangements, shimmering chandeliers, and sumptuous cuisine, served as the perfect backdrop for this once-in-a-lifetime event. But beyond the stunning venue and extravagant details, it was the deep connection between Pietro and Niki that truly made their union extraordinary.

“Today, we exchanged more than just vows; we promised each other a lifetime of love, respect, and companionship,”

shared Pietro, his voice filled with emotion. Niki added,

“I knew from the moment I met him that Pietro was the one for me. Now, as we begin this new chapter in our lives together, I can’t wait to see all the incredible moments that lie ahead.”

Their heartfelt words underscored the profound significance of their marriage, a bond forged not only by passion and desire but also by a strong foundation of trust, understanding, and mutual respect.

Setting a New Standard for Italian Weddings

With the entertainment industry’s eyes on them, Pietro and Niki’s extravagant wedding has undoubtedly set a new standard for Italian weddings. The meticulously planned event featured an A-list guest list, world-renowned chefs, breathtaking fashion, and a stunning destination. But it was the genuine love and deep connection between the couple that truly stole the show. Their wedding serves as a reminder that no matter how grand or elaborate the celebration, it’s the love shared by the bride and groom that truly makes a wedding unforgettable.