Ludovica about Gresy speaks: “ I am not the blonde girl who was with Fedez on the evening of the beating.I know him, he is just a friend ”

Ludovica about Gresy speaks: “ I am not the blonde girl who was with Fedez on the evening of the beating.I know him, he is just a friend ” - Trending News - News

The Alleged Incident at “The Club” in Milan: Ludovica of Gresny’s Account

Amidst the Italian gossip scene, for the first time since less than a month ago, Ludovica of Gresny has emerged in the limelight to share her side of the story concerning the now infamous night of April 21, 2023. Up until this point, various gossips and official reconstructions had circulated regarding an alleged altercation between the personal trainer, Ilary Blasi, and rapper Federico Rossi, with Ludovica being identified as the blonde woman involved. However, recent developments have seen Ludovica denying any involvement in the incident.

The Night in Question: A Simple Dinner with Family

According to Ludovica, the evening started like any other at “The Club” in Milan; however, she was nowhere to be found during the alleged incident. She clarified that on that fateful night, she had gone to dinner with her parents and younger brother at 7:30 p.m., and by 9:30 p.m., she was already back home.

The Truth Revealed: Not at “The Club” on April 21

“I have never set foot in that place,” Ludovica confessed to La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, revealing that both the home cameras and the owner of the disco can attest to her absence. She further stated, “I went to dinner with my parents and my little brother at 7:30 p.m., and by 9:30 p.m., I was already at home.”

Confirmation from the Investigators

Ludovica’s version of events was also confirmed by investigators when she was summoned to the police headquarters as a person “informed about the facts.” She reiterated her stance, insisting that she was not at the disco nor Iovino’s house on that night.

The Mysterious Blonde Girl

Ludovica also clarified that she has never met the mysterious blonde girl seen in the cameras, and cannot be the one filmed. She emphasized, “I have never seen this woman in my life.”

Federico Rossi: Friends, Nothing More

Regarding her relationship with Federico Rossi, Ludovica stated that they are just friends and have been part of the same social circle. She clarified, “We are friends, we go out together in groups, but there’s nothing more to it.”

No Desire for Notoriety

“I don’t seek out and I do not want this type of notoriety,” Ludovica shared, expressing her discomfort with the situation. She further added that Federico Rossi is “very sorry for the situation” and particularly angered by the invented news that has been circulating.

An Ongoing Saga: The Truth Unraveled

The saga surrounding the alleged incident at “The Club” in Milan continues to unravel, with Ludovica’s version of events providing new insights into the situation. Stay tuned for further developments as the truth unfolds.