Tommaso Zorzi Choc: “kidnapped in the garage for a couple of hours.I suffer from anxiety, I don’t wish anyone to remain closed against their will “

Tommaso Zorzi Choc: “kidnapped in the garage for a couple of hours.I suffer from anxiety, I don’t wish anyone to remain closed against their will “ - Trending News - News

An Unforeseen Incident in the Garage: The Tale Shared by Tommaso Zorzi

The Unfortunate Event that Transpired in Tommaso Zorzi’s Garage Some Months Ago

Tommaso Zorzi, a renowned influencer, recently recounted an experience that took place in the garage of the building where he rents two apartments for both short-term lets on Airbnb and as per condominium regulations. He shared this incident with his followers, highlighting the peculiar behavior of one particular individual involved.

Zorzi’s Routine and the Displeasure of Certain Condominium Members

“I can now share what happened to me three months ago in the condominium where I have two apartments,” Tommaso began in his Instagram story. “Both these apartments are registered with the Municipality, and I’m allowed to rent them out for short durations as per condominium regulations.” He explained that not all condominiums approve of this arrangement and that some members are displeased despite his compliance with regulations.

The Garage Encounter: A Friendly Visit Turns Sour

“Me and an architect friend of mine were outside the condominium, and we didn’t have the keys to access. We weren’t planning on entering the apartments but wanted to show something to my friend from the internal facade,” Tommaso recalled.

“We thought we’d wait for a condominium member to enter so we could follow them in, but instead, one of those individuals who disapproves of my short-term rentals approached us,” he continued. “He began to be unpleasant and brought up the Airbnb issue.”

An Unpleasant Detour: Being Locked in the Garage

“This condominium member led us to the garages. In an attempt to make a point, he seized me and locked me inside,” Tommaso shared. “I didn’t have my keys, so I was unable to leave.”

Regaining Freedom and Filing a Complaint

“It was a Saturday, so the custodian wasn’t present. I was trapped inside for a couple of hours until a janitor arrived and released me,” Tommaso explained.

“Following this incident, I filed a complaint against unknown persons as I didn’t know the name of the condominium member involved,” he added.

The Aftermath: Dealing with the Consequences

“This person was caught on complaint for kidnapping,” Tommaso said. “I could have felt quite distressed since I suffer from anxiety.”

“At the next condominium assembly, I was required to present myself with my lawyer,” he concluded.

The Bitter Conclusion

“Does this seem normal to you? That a condominium member seizes you in the garage because they don’t like what you do on Airbnb?” Tommaso asked his followers. “I always manage to surprise myself,” he added. “Fortunately, he also detained the person who was with me, so I had a witness. The feeling of being confined against one’s will is something no one desires, and for someone like me who suffers from anxiety, it’s a particularly unpleasant experience.”